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Arkansas Edition | March 2014

How are you connecting for MS Awareness Week?

New Society WebsiteMS Awareness Week, March 3-9, 2014 kicks off this month, and we are asking you to share why you connect. Defy MS by connecting with people around the world striving to live their best lives!

  • Create your own "I Connect" statement by using our digital tools. Add it to your email signature, or share it on social media.
  • Check out the new National MS Society website! Our website is a critical connector to the information, people and resources that help everyone affected by MS live their best lives. Now we have a new look and feel, new content and improved searching to help you find everything you need!
  • Learn more about what's happening during MS Awareness Week. Download tools to use, find out how you can get involved in the Society, and discover what events and promotions are taking place in your community.
  • Share with us on Facebook how you are participating in MS Awareness Week! We would love to see your photos and hear your stories, whether you are painting your community orange on your own, with your Self Help Group, with a Walk Team, or at your workplace.
MS kills connections, but connections kill MS. Every connection counts on MSConnection.org.

News and Notes

2014 Spring MSConnection is now available!

Research Video: Dr. Johan Chan

What if a medicine that already exists - even something simple like a headache or cold remedy - could also be used to repair or regenerate myelin, the substance that insulates the body's nerve fibers and is destroyed by MS? In the past, it would have taken years to answer that question, but thanks to the innovative work of Dr. Jonah Chan, it's now possible to rapidly screen hundreds of thousands of existing drugs for such potential. One promising medication is already in a phase 2 clinical trial. Learn more about Dr. Chan and his work in this video.

Do something about MS now ... Volunteer Orientation

Volunteering for the National MS Society is a great way to get connected to others who share your experiences and passions. From volunteering at an event to sharing your professional skills and personal talents, there is a need and opportunity for everyone. Learn more at our next Orientation on Thursday, March 20 from 6-7pm CST. Attend this meeting in-person or online. 

Can Do MS offers a monthly webinar you can participate in from the comfort of your home, free of charge. The next session, March 11, is titled "Get Fit, Stay Fit & Exercise with MS." Join Physical Therapist Tammy Roehrs and Exercise Physiologist Alex Ng in this webinar to learn how to start exercising, what to do and/or how to improve your exercise regimen. Tammy and Alex will provide compelling reasons on why it is so important to become or remain active. They will also share practical tips and advice on how to become or stay fit regardless of the challenges you face with MS, or your current fitness level. Call begins at 7pm CST. >>Register here

Walk MS
Walk MS is a fun, inspiring event that gives hope to everyone affected by MS in our community. It is more than just a fundraising event: it's a day to come together, to celebrate the progress we've made, and to connect to the people, services and programs that will help us face the daily challenges of living with MS. Watch this video and find a Walk MS event near you.

MS Entrepreneurs - Deadline April 15, 2014

Every Connection Counts

Join the MS Activist Network Learn About Wellness Options Find a Self Help Group

If you or someone you know has been affected by MS, you are not alone. Contact the National MS Society to speak to an MS Navigator for resources on living with MS, upcoming programs, counseling and more. We provide services for anyone wanting to learn more about MS and the daily challenges of living with MS, including individuals, care partners, friends and family members.

www.MSarkansas.org  |   800-344-4867, option 1 

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